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Why with us?

1.- Due to your home being a valuable asset and as such, its of interest to you that your home is managed by a legally constituted company which operates in compliance with current legislation, which is a solid guarantee against problems from clients while providing peace of mind with all legal and fiscal requirements.

2. – With a company which have their offices, staff and all activity based in Ibiza, we want you to be confident you are dealing with a people who are personally available in the same place as your property. We have a profound knowledge of the island and its particularities and are a backdrop guaranteeing a smoother running of your villa.

3. Villa Rental Ibiza is not a mere booking portal offering villas, receiving commission and ignoring the rest; we are your local partner with a proven commercial capacity, personally meeting each guest, and also offering 24 hour personal attention, in short, your villa will be offered by a powerful and professional touristic company, without you having to devote time and resources to get a good return on your property.

4. Villa Rental Ibiza is not a real estate agency, using it’s leverage with owners to earn extra money, we are instead a touristic company,with profound hotel experience, specializing in converting villas into an attractive destination aimed at the demanding market , with all the services and attention as that of a hotel.


Would you like to rent with us?

We take care of all rental aspects of your home

What do we offer?

Generally, collaboration with villa owners works on three different levels for us:

Commercial Cooperation

If you already rent your villa through other agencies and would like to keep the control of reservations, availability calendar and commercialization of your villa, we will offer your property in our catalogue and enhance your booking potential by our commerical means.

  • We include your villa into our portfolio of properties and offer it to our clients for specific periods of time and requests.
  • There is no exclusivity clause preventing you from renting through other media as well.
  • You establish price, form of payment and conditions of how to reserve your villa just as well as maintain the control of the availability calendar.
  • For each operation you will receive our invoice for either our commission as an intermediary between you and the final client, or your invoice us the rental and we invoice the final client.

Integrated Rental Management

For those homeowners, who wish to maintain control over prices and rental terms, but do not want to get involved in the process of commercialization, rental contracts, calendar updates and customer attention we offer a comprehensive, integrated rental management:

  • We include your villa in our catalogue and manage contracts and availability.
  • You determine rental rates and conditions, which you deem appropiate for the marketing of your property.
  • We take care of the rental management, contracts, availability control, deposits, check in and out tasks, safety bonds and a permanent, 24h customer attention during the stay of your guests.
  • We invoice our commission for each operation as well as the services rendered. Or, if you prefer to invoice us the rental rates we will bill the total amount to the final client.

Integrated guaranteed Rental Management

The best option for those, who would like to obtain the maximum income from their rental homes without having to spend their times on answering booking requests and coordinating all the rentals. Leave your villa in the hands of a professional company specialized in this activity and enjoy the peace of mind of a guaranteed rental income.

  • We sign a rental contract establishing a fixed amount and payment conditions for a certain period of time.
  • We take care of all aspects of commercializing your villa, rental management, deposit and safety bond control, coordination of check ins/outs, cleaning services, laundry, technical services. The risk of having weeks left empty is on our side.
  • If you wish, we can also take care of garden and pool cleaning, safety of the property as well as preventive maintenance.

We are happy to include your home in our property portfolio in any of the areas of collaboration as detailed above, and if you are interested in receiving a detailed offer, we will gladly carry out a study of the commercial potential of your property and propose a specific formula that we are sure would be of interest.

Need information?

The new Touristic Rental legislation aids the rental activity considerably, but in the other hand it also increases the control of all illegal rental activities and imposes strong sanctions for those operating out of the law.

If you would like to receive further information about developing the touristic activity of your villa within the legal framework, Villa Rental Ibiza is at your disposal to provide all the necessary information and advice on all legal requirements and paperwork needed.

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Would you like to rent your home with us?

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