Relaxing massage service

Massage and Relaxation

Full Body Massage:

With innumerable benefits, a full body massage frees us from accumulated daily fatigue and leads to a state of physical and mental wellbeing.


Back Massage:

Especially for those who suffer from back pain, this massage is very effective for toning muscles, improving you a fitness and a general overall good feeling.


Deep Tissue Massage:

Aimed at the deeper layers of the muscles, this is a massage that leads to a state of deep and lasting relaxation, highly recommended for athletes and for those in need of stress release.



Traditional Japasese massage techniques combining hand and finger pressure in certain energy points throughout the body while stretching and enabling the ability to selfheal.


RF Massage:

Instantaneous effect, the RF massage will leave your skin firm and smooth. A completely painless way to regenerate skin giving you a yourger appearance. Also used to aid with the disappeareance of cellulite.

Beauty and Hairdresser

The holidays can be the best time to take some time out and care for our bodies, and for this reasin we offer a wide range of bauty services from which you can enjoy, without having to leave your villa.

  • Waxing: legs, bikini, brazilian, arms, underarms, chest, lips and eyebrows
  • Manicures, pedicures,shellac, facial cleansing and misturizing, makeup, eyelashes and body painting
  • Blow-drying, cutting, highlights, keratin, hydration, extensions, wedding hairstyles and photoshooting

Private Classes

Our teachers and personal trainers, specially selected for your maximum satisfaction, will travel to your villa to give classes of:

  • Tennis
  • Yoga
  • Pilates and yoilates
  • Swimming
  • Flamenco and Arabic Dance