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Summer has not arrived to Ibiza, if you don´t relax at the bar of a little wooden shack somewhere on a beach. This year marks the return of the famous “chiringuito” bar. We introduce you to some of them:

For the Spanish, a “chiringuito” is a kiosque on the beach. The origin of the term “chiringuito” however, lies in Cuba. Thanks to their talent of improvisation in times of little ressources, the Cubans filtered their coffee through a sugar cane and a piece of women´s tights. The result was the “chiringuito”, a perfectly filtered and sweetenend coffee, that could be prepared quickly and served on the beach. Nowadays, you won´t get your coffee filtered through a piece of tights of course; however, the typical chiringuito is still more or less improvised. Often a handmade wooden structure covered with dry palm tree leaves has to do the trick. Some of them sell little more than beer cans and homemade sandwiches, others reveal a sophisticated technology on the inside, prepared for some serious catering in the sand. However, all of them have an utterly casual and relaxed atmosphere in common.


Cala Escondida (Racó d’en Xic en Cala Comte)
Cala Escondida means the “hidden beach”, a smaller side bay next to Cala Conta. Here we find a charming snack bar, which blends into the rocks in a most natural way and which only few people know of. The place unfolds its magic as soon as the sun starts to set and dresses the bay in its reddish colours. People gather here to escape from the busy Cala Conta and celebrate the sunset in a more intimate way. The kiosque offers great and healthy snacks, which are perfect to combat the summer heat.


Chiringuito of Cala Codolar
A somewhat larger beach is Cala Codolar beach on the other side of Cala Conta. The family-run beach kiosque has a long standing tradition with clients returning to their charming hospitality year after year. Hamburgers along with mojitos made to perfection are their speciality. A place for those who know how to enjoy the real pleasures in life.


Es Pàs de s’Illa, San Miguel
If you don´t know it, it´s not easy to find, as there is no sign signalling the way to the hidden beach next to the port of San Miguel. You have to climb over a cliff and follow a very narrow path, before you get there, but the place is certainly worthwhile the little effort. The beach bar has been open summer after summer for more than thirty years, and people book a table in advance to be able to get some in their famous and freshly grilled sardines , which they offer once a week.


Chiringuito de María (The Fish Shack)
María is the charming owner of The Fish Shack at Cap Martinet, the very end of Talamanca bay. A few umbrellas on the rocks and a wooden shack on top is the base for one of the most famous secret places on the island. Grilled fresh fish, salads and their famous “café caleta”, a strong coffee speciality with brandy and herbs is what they have had on their menu and have mastered for decades. Priceless is the peace you find here and the unspoilt sea views at just a stonethrow from the buzzing Ibiza.


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