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Traditional dishes, the best paella variations, fresh fish, star chef creations and dishes from all around the world, – Ibiza is an island with a terrific culinary range, which even satisfy the most demanding customer. The vast mix of cultures, that coexist on the island can be tasted in Ibiza´s restaurants. Here are some dishes you don´t want to miss out on while you are here:


“Bullit de peix and arroz a banda”. This traditional fish stew is one of the most emblematic dishes in Ibiza´s restaurants and is elaborated with fish you can find close to the rocks, which is more difficult to catch and therefore has to come as catch of the day from local fishermen. If there is a dish, which tastes of the essence of the ocean, then this is the one. Make sure to get to the restaurant with empty stomachs, as the servings are traditionally huge.  Restaurante El Carmen, Cala d´Hort).


Lobster stew A sublime and delicious speciality, which you have to try at least once. The stew is made with a vegetable base using olive oil, almonds, garlic, fresh green peppers, fresh tomatoes and parsley. The final touch is given by flambéing the almost finished dish with a shot of brandy.  ( Restaurante Ca’s Milà, Cala Tarida)


Iberian pork “presa” filled with goat cheese and mushrooms is a Spanish dish, which is made to perfection in Ibiza. “Presa” is a shoulder steak, which is what you would call the wagyu of the porcine world. The Iberico Pata Negra pig is the ultimate in organic free-range animals. They roam in the woods of Spain, feasting on acorns. Their meat is deep red, like wild boar, and has the rich nutty aroma of their diet. But what makes it so different – and expensive is the marbling of intra-muscular fat. This gives it both its taste and juiciness. Filled with local, fresh goat cheese, seasonal mushrooms and garnished with raspberry sauce, this is a divine dish full of Mediterranean flavours. (Restaurante Can Berri Vell, Sant Agustí des Vedrà)


Salad made of “bogavante” lobster.  Bogavante is what the Spanish call the American lobster, which in contrary to its Mediterranean cousin is slightly brown and black in colour, whereas the local one is bigger and has the lobster-red colour. The “bogavante” is of course also found in Spain, and is usually fished along the Atlantic coast in Galicia. It makes an elegant ingredient for a summery gourmet salat and combines very well with avocado. This fresh dish makes an excellent lunch on a day on the beach. (Foto Restaurante Tropicana Beach Club, playa de Cala Jondal).


Jamón ibérico is the deeply red coloured ham from the Iberian pork, and it is a must to try it, when you visit Ibiza. The Iberian ham is the treasure of the Spanish cuisine and is coming from the black Iberian pig, which primarily lives in the southeastern part of Spain. The strictly denominated Iberic ham is cured no less than twelve months and up to 48 months, with the most expensive ham achieving up to 600  € on the market. Along with delicious homemade bread covered with tomato relish and extra virgin olive oil, this is a starter which is found in every single restaurant on the island. Simply delicious, and once you have tasted Ibéric ham, it is difficult to go back to other ham options.


Sushi and sashimi were introduced to Ibiza a long time ago and have entered the winning lane ever since. Sushi is simply a fantastic dish to have in Ibiza during the hot summer months, and there are many places on the island, where you can enjoy this Japanese speciality in all its varieties in front of the sea.  (Jockey Club Ibiza, playa de Ses Salines).

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