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In Villa Rental Ibiza, we rent villas or houses in Ibiza with many different styles. One important style is the traditional Ibizan villa, also known as “casa payesa”.Today we would like to give you more information about architecture in Ibiza and its typical country houses and rustic farm houses.

Ibician villas or houses are pure simplicity
, with their characteristic white walls. A sober architecture where traditional wisdom has been passed down from father to son, and still to this day remains elegant and practical on our ever changing envirnoment.

The origin of the traditional Ibizan villas (typical houses) is supposed to come from the Punic culture, although there are visibly seen Arab influences too. Formerly, when a new building was being built, the Ibicians following rigorous planning. The house must be located on an elevated surface to prevent moisture and rainfall, with a mountain to the back of the house in order to protect from the North winds. The entrance is always south-facing to continuously perceive light and sunlight, the thick walls are made to retain a cool temperature in summer and warm in winter.

A simple architecture, rectangular and straight lines that began with a main room, which could be added to, as other rooms were required; sitting rooms, kitchens, etc. depending on what was needed. Roofs are flat and covered with juniper beams “sabinas” to collect rainwater which was channeled into a cistern for consumption. The walls are wide and white-washed sometimes exposing the stone work accompanied by small coloured windows, narrower on the outside than inside, emulating a fortress. The porches are arches (or Porxet porxo in Ibiza), that lead you to a large wooden door of this south-facing facade.

Around the farm there is a landscape full of cultivated fields arranged in terraces and stone walls. We can also find architectural elements such as carriage house, mills (Es Trull) of flour and oil, the barn, a lime kiln, a drying of wheat (was) and some coal (sitja). It is certainly a unique architecture, one which has to be admired.

Nowadays, most of the “casas payesas” have become luxury villas, with every possible amenity while still keeping the essence of Ibiza.

 At, we have all different types of  Ibician villas or houses. Why not enter and discover the true taste of Ibiza now!

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