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From the blog of over recent months we have been bringing you many wonderful coves and beaches on the coast of the island of Ibiza. Today we return to this, to bring you two wonderful proposals for the essential coves and beaches  and what is the essence of Ibiza.

We start on the beach of Cala Saladeta, which is the nearer cove and much less known than its larger neighbor Cala Salada. Located about four miles from San Antonio, heading north. Many people are not aware of this little hidden cove and its great, crystal clear water, fine sand and forest surroundings.The only downside is its access, which is difficult. The easiest way to access it,is swimming from the neighbouring cove, although it is also possible to do it through the rocks clinging to the coast. It is difficult, especially if the first time. But yes,it is worth the visit. We must also recognize that the problematic access of this cove makes it a beach that can not reached by the whole world and maybe due to this it is a bit less crowded than others in the summer months, which is a warm welcome … In Cala Salada you have a restaurant where you can eat a good Ibizian paella.

The second proposal for today, I have to admit, is one of my favorite places in Ibiza … We refer to Punta Galera. Not far from Cala Saladeta. Not exactly a beach, and you will not find sand. There is a path of cliffs, forming stone slabs at different heights. An amazing place. Perfect for sunbathing and enjoying its waters with total and absolute tranquility. A place that because of this privacy,as we mentioned, is usually practices nudism. Although everyone is free to do as please,after all we are in Ibiza!. No doubt we are in a real special corner of the coast of Ibiza. Highly recommended for those who enjoy places outside the traditional tourist routes.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s recommendations and we bid you “hasta pronto”  until next time, when we will be back with tempting proposals!.

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