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The history of Ibiza has produced a great cultural legacy with the  Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Christians … Their traditions and customs  have clearly influenced the life and character of the people of this Mediterranean island.

Today we will tell you more things about their traditional cuisine. As is the life of Ibiza, cuisine has always been subject to the sun, the sea and the land.Using a large variety of flavors and products, always being of the highest quality. Ibizan cuisine is characterized by the use of  seasonal produce and proposing simple, nutritious meals, intelligently combining with the fruits of the earth, the sea and the cultural heritage.

The real protagonists of the kitchen are the fresh produce, coming from the sea,the country and the orchards of  Ibiza.Together they bring all these treasures; seafood, meats, game, poultry and eggs, fruits and vegetables, mushrooms and fungi. ..

Gastronomy is simple but diverse, full of aromas and flavors that will definitely seduce, even the most discerning palate. A variety of stir-fries and sauces, olive oil, onion, tomato and garlic, Chopped garlic, parsley, ñora, almonds and toast …

Their traditional dishes are based on rice with meat, for example “ arròs de matances”, fish and paella seafood stew, casseroles and stews, which combine meat and vegetables, peasant sofrit (with spicy sausage, potatoes and a local white-pudding,  all quite spicy ) and fish, such as bullit de peix (rock fish, with potatoes and lightweight garlic sauce) or borrida of Ratjada (dash), fried pork, squid or octopus, all accompanied by potatoes and peppers, and other amazing dishes like stuffed squid with spicy sausage, peppers with coca gató bones or pork with cabbage, sweet and spicy sausage.

And do not forget desserts, always sweet and homemade, like flaó (goat cheese cake and mint), nadal sauce (chicken, toasted almonds, honey, cinnamon and saffron) or graixonera (milk cake, eggs, buns and cinnamon).

 Last of all, if only we are giving some hints about Ibizan gastronomy, also can not forget their excellent sausages, and the famous spicy sausage or botifarró also make cheese from sheep and goats, rustic bread, olive oil, wine, spirits, jams and honey.

Enjoy your meal! and see you next week with more suggestive proposals blog.

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