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At this point I think we all know that in addition to its wonderful beaches, great atmosphere in the summer months , beautiful people,it’s wonderful Mediterranean cuisine ,and the best parties… Ibiza also has many other seductive proposals that is the “real”  Ibiza.  As is the case with the traditional island dances (ball pagés ) , today we bring to our blog what we believe to be a  clear demonstration of Ibiza’s popular culture and folklore.

We are not only referring to the  dance itself, but everything that surrounds this event, their musical instruments , costumes and dresses , jewelry and ornaments … and ultimately, the great “fiestas” that accompany these dances.

Although it is not very clear the exact origin of the Ball Pagès , we do know that they have been around a very long time, hundreds of years , some even say thousands ! These dances have taken place and still take place in all the celebrations in Ibiza celebrations, at homes,churches, weddings, wells…if it’s an important event or celebration, you can be sure to see these dances taken place. It is a courtship ritual, where the man invites the woman using castanets. The dancers are dressed in colourful costumes with jewelry, which is called “emprendadas”.

As we before mentioned, Ibiza has not lost it’s traditions nor it’s folklore, in fact it protects it’s traditions and they incorporate these traditions in whatever celebration that takes place. If there is a fiesta, there is an obligation to display their folklore.

There are many types of dances , the most popular are , ” The Short ( Sa Curta )”, which is the one that usually starts the party, the dance is started by the heir of the house, the well owner , or the bride’s in-laws, and from here they give way to the other dancers to continue the “ baile” .This is a short dance at a slow pace, therefore suitable for older people.

Then there is The Long ( Sa Larga ), where the dancer has to choose the girl with a touch of his castanets , the music lasts and the pace increments ,it’s perfect for young people to show their strengths . At the end of the dance , the boy kneels before his daring lady apologizing for his audacity. She forgives him by bowing slightly .

And thirdly, we have the most popular ” Ses rodades Nou “, perhaps the most important and colourful dance. It is a wedding ceremony , where nine engaged couples come out to dance at the same time and unlike the other dances , where the boy chooses a partner, the guys do a series of circles , the couples are separated , but later find each other in the center. From the sixth lap, the girls show their rings, twenty-four per girl , which are a gift from her future husband. It finishes with each groom kneeling before his girlfriend and her bowing to him.

We hope you enjoyed our blog, please come back next week when we will have more suggestive ideas for you to enjoy Ibiza to the fullest!

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