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We are now in the colder months in Ibiza, a perfect time of year to enjoy the most authentic and rural Ibiza. So with that in mind, we would like to bring you the following great places just waiting to be discovered these days……

We can start with the town of Santa Ines (Santa Agnes de Corona), a traditional town in Ibiza, small and quiet, and a pleasant walk in the beautiful valley, Pla de Corona, it’s groovy and very popular in the months of January and February when you can see hundreds of almond trees in bloom, covering the entire valley in a blanket of white blossom. In the village you have, Can Cosmi bar, which is famous throughout Ibiza for their tortillas and vegetables. Cas Sabater, where leather goods are made by hand. With their beautiful farm houses and the church, which was built in 1812, its interior containing a carving of the Mother of God of the Rosary, from the same period.

After this we have San Mateo (Sant Mateu d’ Albarca), a small, traditional and quiet village situated on the edge of a beautiful valley. The highlights of this area are:  the white-walled church, Bar Camp Vell, Can Cires restaurant and some typical houses. This area is well known for producing wines from the land. It is in the most northern town of Sant Antoni de Portmany and is one of the more rural areas of the island. You can see the deep red earth that covers this area, making the most stunning contrasts.

The third proposal is the small but very intimate and authentic Buscastell town in the municipality of San Antonio. On Thursday night at the legendary bar Teixido you can enjoy live Jazz, plus share delicious tapas. On Saturday morning you have a very interesting organize market with all local produce.

We also suggest you visit the town of San Augustine ( San Agustin d’ Es Vedra ) . A lovely little Ibiza town located halfway between Sent Joseph and Sent Antonin. This tiny population in inner Ibiza consists of a church, a square and a beautiful set of traditional Ibizan houses (farm houses). Next to the restaurant the civic center of Saint Augustine, which can be noted for its white facade and the stone tower, is located opposite the church. There is a lively bar with a shaded terrace, Can Berri and an art gallery .It’s all very authentic.


Now we move on to Sant Francesc d’ Estany. The place will surprise us by the isolation of the church and the beauty of the place where it is located. The church of Sant Francesc stood next to ” Las Salinas ” Ibiza intended to be a place of prayer for the former workers of the salt.

Finally, today I recommend visiting the town of San Lorenzo Bonito ( Sant Llorenç Balàfia ) only 7 kilometers from Sant Joan ( northern capital town of the island of Ibiza). Like all villages in Ibiza it is small , authentic and very quiet. It is surrounded by forests and fertile farmland. You will find a beautiful whitewashed church of XVIII century, very Ibiza! . It was built next to the famous medieval enclave of the Village of Balàfia , a set of five houses, with two towers, and its population was built to defend against common corsair invasions in those years in Ibiza. Very close to this you can also find the Interpretation Centre Amunts , which offers visitors an interesting tour of the fauna and flora of the nature reserve of the same name.

Until next week. Be Happy ! . # # TheBestOfIbiza IbizaLovers

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