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Sant Antoni de Portmany (San Antonio) is not only the capital of Ibiza´s famous sunsets, but also the town, where the yin and yang of the island clash. The town centre and coastline is famous for its endless strip of bars and clubs, the so-called “West End”, whilst the surrounding landscape and bays offer a tranquil and peaceful ambience where you can wind down and reconnect with nature.

It´s these hidden spots, which we would like to introduce you to. Discover the beauty of the West coast and the tiny villages in the interior part above San Antonio,  such as Santa Agnes or Sant Mateu, places, where time seems to stand still.


Sant Antoni de Portmany
San Antonio has not always shown itself from the best side, but in recent years town officials have been trying to regain points among tourists and locals by remodeling and modernizing the port area. But truth is that this town has the longest touristic history on the island, because it is home of the most spectacular sunsets the Balearics have to offer. Therefore, the town coast is clad with bars, cafés and clubs from where you can join the crowd to celebrate the sunset with a cocktail or two.  With Café del Mar still being the flagship of the sunsetting experience, also Café Mambo and Kumharas are worthwhile a visit. From the port there are various boats leaving in the afternoon to take you to hidden spots along the coast, where you can enjoy the spectacle even more. And at just a short ride from the town centre you have some of the most beautiful, sandy beaches the island has to offer, such as Cala Conta, Cala Bassa, Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta.


Santa Agnés de Corona
There is nothing like the tranquil beauty of the landscape surrounding Santa Agnes de corona (Santa Inés). Once you pass the hills that surround the village an amazing wide open plain filled with hundreds of almond trees unfolds before your eyes. During the almond blossom period, in February, it seems as if fresh snow has fallen over night.  A walk below the almond blossoms smelling their sweet perfume is legendary for most of the Ibizan population during that time. But also at other times, the smooth caminos of the Santa Ines valley offer a great retreat for long walks or bycicle rides. If you make it to the cliff called Portes des Cel (heaven´s door in ibicenco), you will be gratified by an amazing sunset spectacle over a hidden bay. And to finalize this experience, Can Cosmi, the only bar in town is worthwhile a visit to order its island-famous tortilla along with a glass of local wine.


Sant Mateu
Sant Mateu is probably one of the tiniest villages on the island. The locals warn not to drive too fast, because otherwise you won´t find it. So, while the village is rather – compact, consisting of a church and two bars, its environment is nonetheless stunning. Just like Santa Agnes it is surrounded by large fields of almond trees with small paths which make it easy to get lost there. However, the excursionists love San Mateu, as it is literally possible here to escape from the world around you. This image is also reeinforced by the variety of local wines that come from here. Once a year, the wine farmers offer their latest produce during the three day long wine fest, and the whole island comes for a glass or three. Very close to the village the oldest bodega on the island, called Sa Cova, is open all year round for visits and tastings of the original San Mateu wine, consisting of different tempranillo and merlot brands.


Some islanders say Buscastell should not even get the status of a village as it lacks a church. We think that this underrated spot is well worthwhile a visit, as it is the place in Ibiza, where farming began under the Arab occupation more than a millenium ago. Es Broll de Buscastell still shows the rests of the aquaeducts and canals, surrounded by beautiful hanging gardens and terraces, which were constructed to convert this part of the island into the fertile region, which it is still today. After a pleasant stroll around this original part of the island stop to shop at the local supermarket, where only local fruits and vegetables are being offered. Don´t forget to have one of the tapas offered at the Can Tixedo Art Café and Bar, which is the meeting point of the local artists, who frequently convert the café into a gallery.


Sant Rafel
Located central on the island, San Rafael literally is the heart of Ibiza. From its churchyard you get a nice postcard view of the medieval old town with its big and quite sophisticated choice of restaurants. Another, interesting feature of this village is its status as the centre of the island´s potters. Many of them still run their workshops in the tradition of the old phoenicians and proudly show their work every Thursday afternoon in the village centre.


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