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Every day it is becoming more and more popular to choose quality accommodation to
spend a few days in Ibiza, whether it is a house, apartment or villa. It is true that there are
many different hotels to choose from on the island, however the option of having your own villa for your stay on the island is also an excellent choice, for this reason we have so many satisfied guests returning to this option every year. Let us take a look at the some of the many advantages of opting for a villa.


Choosing a villa is often an excellent choice for groups that want to be together, but don’t want to share accommodation with strangers, as would happen in a hotel. Discretion and privacy is highly valued by many people who come to Ibiza to relax and who want to just go at their own pace during their holidays.

Villas or houses in Ibiza, typically have between three and ten bedrooms, making it a great choice for groups of six to eighteen people. Groups can be made up of family, friends, etc.

The stock of houses and villas to be found in, is of proven quality, luxury minimalist homes, authentic “payesas” houses (typical of Ibiza), with sea views, fantastic pools. Some of the best homes in Ibiza are within your reach with Villa rental Ibiza.

Formerly one of the clear disadvantages when choosing this option versus a hotel was the
service and attention. This is not a problem. is not an estate agent, it is a tourist company dedicated to the service and attention of our clients globally, twenty-four hours a day. From the very moment you arrive at the airport or port you are accompanied by one of our guest representatives whom will guide you to your villa and check that everything is satisfying to you, but it does not end here, for Villa rental Ibiza this is just the beginning. For all your needs you can count on us, some of our extra services include, cleaning tailored to the needs or tastes of our guest,”full-fridge”service, 24 hour helpline, laundry service, chefs and waiters, drivers … We offer a comprehensive concierge service ” so you can enjoy your privatevilla without sacrificing the quality of service that a top quality hotel would offer you.

A luxury within reach, you can fully enjoy your home in Ibiza, either in the unique countryside or by the sea. All our villas come with all the amenities one could possibly need.

Another important issue is price. You will be very surprised. If you are a group, for the same price or even less than what a hotel would cost, you can have the chance to enjoy a house, villa or chalet or even a tower for you and your friends. Just for you.

If you want to be amazed, why not enter our webpage Discover your dreams with Villa rental Ibiza.

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