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Autumn is an ideal season in Ibiza. The temperature is mild, a relief from the summer heat and yet it is still not cold. It is a time of year when you can still enjoy the beach on days when it’s sunny and you can also take walks without breaking into a sweat.



A highly recommended place to visit in autumn in Ibiza is the village of Sant Llorenç of Balàfia. It is extremely quiet, with a small whitewashed church, several houses and a few bars and restaurants. The village has several attractions. On the one hand we can visit the church, which dates from 1797 and is one of the most beautiful in Ibiza, being located in a rural area, on a small hill. It curiously features a single archway. In Sant Llorenç we can also visit the interpretation center in the area of Amunts, an extensive protected mountainous area located between the municipalities of Sant Antoni and Sant Joan. In this center we can find information about the flora and fauna in the vicinity.

Sant Llorenç is also famous for a set of medieval houses called Balàfia. A total of five houses and two defense towers, which were built to protect against pirates.

You can have a picnic or a few drinks if you wish, as there is a picnic area right next to the church, frequented a lot in winter also. There is a bar near the church and a French restaurant called La Paloma which offers alternative food. If you want a little more variety there are a number of eating establishments in the nearby road to Sant Joan.


Autumn is still a good time to go to the sea and the beach. The temperatures are not as high, but they are still nice and even depending on the day, you may well fancy a swim. In addition, many beach establishments stay open until late October. This is the case for example in some of the prestigious restaurants in small coves  like Xarco and Es Torrent. Two places known for the best fish and rice dishes. Also in Cala Jondal we have a good number of restaurants and beach clubs that will delight late shorebirds, which combine food with good atmosphere and relaxation. As is the case in Tropicana Beach Club, Es Savinar, Yemanjá and Blue Marlin.The offer the perfect environment with all the  cool music of this season.


This is also the perfect time to stroll through the historic neighborhoods in Ibiza city, Dalt Vila and the Marina, declared World Heritage Sites. In La Marina, the traditional fishing neighborhood, is full of narrow streets and whitewashed buildings, an  ideal place to visit for its numerous shops and restaurants. Shopping in this area is a real treat, with shops of all types and also a number of local establishments like Adlib, that offers typical Ibizan fashion. You should not  miss a walk in Dalt Vila, the old walled city, which also has restaurants in Plaça de Vila and numerous attractions such as the Cathedral, the Museum of Puget painting, Museum of Contemporary Art in Eivissa (MACE ) or Madina Yabisah interpretation center.

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