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The Ibiza nights are usually intense and a good way to start them is in one of the restaurants that also have a lounge bar. In Ibiza there are many such establishments where you can dine while listening to good music, you can talk and drink something in an environment which is created specifically for pleasure, comfort and elegance. Places where you can also enjoy more relaxed dancing and enjoy drinking champagne or a cocktail.

A good place to start the evening is in Km5, located at kilometer 5 on the road from Ibiza to Sant Josep. This old renovated country home has a garden terrace with elegant decoration and attractive lighting. It consists of five bars, they have their own exclusive cocktails, and great dj’s tents with surround sound. For dining you have various options, from ceviche,  tuna tartar to thai style sea bream, or even Argentina sirloin steak or sushi. A pleasure for all the senses. elayounibiza

In Sant Rafel we find another interesting restaurant lounge bar. This is El Ayoun, where you can sample Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine in an exquisite and glamorous atmosphere. With luxurious Arabian décor, and an atmosphere which evokes the Tales of the Arabian Nights, with its sensual lighting and stunning Moorish doors. The bar, open until 4.00 am,and you will find a select and relaxed atmosphere with soft lighting animated by the resident DJ. bambudda_ibiza

On the road to Sant Joan is Bambuddha, a beautiful hotel decorated with an oriental air, its menu offers a fusion of Mediterranean and Asian food. Thai food, sushi, Mediterranean ingredients … All this takes place in this oasis of oriental statues and pagodas that take us in the pure atmosphere of Goa and other remote havens. It also has an extensive menu of delicious and original cocktails. A great way to start the evening. bfor_ibiza

And on August 8th Avenue in Ibiza, close to Pacha nightclub, you will find Bfor,  a restaurant and lounge bar featuring original creations of Japanese cuisine with a Mediterranean touch, signature drinks and cocktails and music by renowned DJs. It is a perfect place to start a long and crazy night in Ibiza,  it is a good meeting point near the main entertainment centers of the island. With charming people, good food and music by the resident dj, dj Kley.

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