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Ibiza has inspired fashion around the world since the 1960s. Here are the top three classic accessoires for a relaxed and easygoing summer on the island.

When you think Ibiza, you think white. The white country houses and the shiny villas, the white luxury yachts in the port, the bright cliffs and the sand, and last not least, the salt flats. The white island has its own special light, which you only find here. Mallorca has a different light, and the light on Formentera is different, too. White is the predominant colour in Ibiza. And the No. 1 accessory on this island are your sun glasses. Ibiza fashion has always had a weak spot for retro, so everything vintage will do the trick. Just make sure that the glasses are high quality, as the UV radiation in the air can seriously damage your eyes. The effect is called photokeratitis, which is like a sunburn of the eye.


When you think fashion made in Ibiza, you automatically think soft, flowing white dresses. The forerunner of Ibiza fashion is undoubtedly the Barcelona designer, Charo Ruiz. She masters the art of the white boho dress to perfection, elegant lacey dresses and blouses, which you can wear barefoot and still look elegant. The former model started her business in Ibiza in the 1980s and now has her flagship store in the centre of Ibiza city, on the Avenida Vara del Rey.


The Ibiza basket is another accessory, which you should always have at hand. The traditionally handmade straw bags nowadays come in bright colours and lots of different, glittery designs. However, the original ones can still be bought in some little craft shops in Ibiza old town, and they are still handmade.

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