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Ibiza offers us few things in these months of good weather! Unique beaches and coves, the atmosphere in the months of summer, unique places, markets, beach club’s, sunsets, we could go on forever. From our blog we bring to you our weekly tantalizing suggestions…

Today we can propose something related to Ibiza gastronomy and seafood. There are many places, restaurants and bars where you can enjoy these rice and sea treasures, and today we recommend some of the best of them to enjoy wonderful authentic paella. What do you think?

We started in the bay of San Antonio, specifically for the restaurant Can Pujol, which is located by the sea, on a small rocky cove. Fantastic traditional Ibizan gastronomy, and of course an amazing paella and fresh fish. Reference is also famous throughout Ibiza for the quality of its rock fish and its preparation. And so for over thirty years. Without doubt the best of Ibiza in traditional cuisine and seafood.

The second of our proposals is the awesome beach of Cala d’Hort, and specifically the Del Carmen restaurant, (left side facing the sea). Here are two things which will make your visit memorable. For one, you can enjoy one of the best paellas in Ibiza and in addition, it’s fantastic location and views. This must be one of the best views from a restaurant terrace in Ibiza, with wonderful views of the bay and the mythical island of Es Vedra. It is a unique experience, without doubt.

Another one of our proposals to ensure an incredible evening is the Maria Luisa restaurant, on the Cala Vadella beach, in San Jose. One of its strengths is the Chef Pep Mari Tur an expert in Ibizan rice and seafood, (he’s father was a great fisherman in the waters of Cala Vadella).It is family run and another one of the best paellas in Ibiza. It’s a good idea to call and book and if possible book the pretty outdoor table overlooking the beach.

And today, the last recommendation is set in the upbeat Cala Jondal beach is the Yemanja restaurant. As previous proposals it is Ibizan family run. It offers high quality products and fantastic seafood and rice dishes.

For those of you who are looking for a fantastic paella, but also want to be in a cool great atmosphere, with your feet in the sand and fabulous views, this is a Safe Bet!.

Enjoy your meal!

Que aproveche!.

Bon apetite!


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