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Ibiza has always attracted some great designers and interior architects seeking inspiration on this island. Some of them have settled down here and offer their unique pieces directly to the final client.

Ibiza has always been creative and inspiring to visitors. With the latest trends in interior design, even sometimes risky. Do not look for traditional villa solutions, why not try something daring. Provoking. Tempting. Many of the furniture or design pieces you will find at our villas have been designed and tailormade in small workshops on the island.

We begin with the familiar Sluiz (Creative Shopping), who has been with us since 2006, and due to its success has now two shops on the island the first was that of Sant Josep, on the same road towards Ibiza, the other is close to Santa Gertrudis. Yvonne and Hans, the inventors of Sluiz have the magic touch, and always have an exciting store filled with objects they find in their travels throughout Europe. Here you can find, fashion, furniture, jewelry,and household things. They also design lounge spaces for their customers. You can also enjoy many nights in Sluiz with exhibitions, music and fun happenings.

Sluiz Ibiza

Another must-see place if you want to give a special and unique touch to your house is La Maison de l’Elephant. It was created by French designer Bruno Reymond in 1996. It currently has two stores, one of 3000 m2 with ethnic and exquisitely selected furniture by Bruno Reymond. There’s another 4000 m2 store,consisting of two floors which has become a benchmark for the latest design in Ibiza,consisting of furniture, art, decor, accessories, candles, exclusive branded clothing, jewelry, music, toys, books, delicious chocolates, teas and water bar with waters from all over the world. They also carry out interior decorating projects in hotels, villas, restaurants, apartments, shops.For
those who request it; they have rental furniture for film productions, weddings and special events.


And finally we would like to present to you, Magazin Furniture in Santa Eulalia. In their showroom you will find a vast array of international brands of furniture in different styles for your house or villa. Another of its strong points is the supply of furniture and accessories for the garden. Probably the most extensive in Ibiza. Moreover, the small things are also important when decorating your home or villa, so Magazin also offers practical design elements, in different colors such as dinnerware, teapots, candlesticks, cookware, silver frames .., which could also be a nice choice for a special treat.

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