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One of the most delicious dishes from Ibiza’s gastronomy is the bullit de peix followed by arroz a la banda.

The bullit de peix is a typical stew which is usually composed of fish such as grouper,monkfish and rotja ( typically found in Ibiza) , potato chips ,and all covered in a light sauce made up of garlic mayonnaise mixed with fish broth . The rice is then served with the  bullit de peix and consists of a sepia paella rice with broth and baked in the oven . It is usually eaten directly from the pan , but if you want we can also use dishes.

There are many restaurants which serve this dish on the island . Here we can recommend the best places to taste this wonderful dish.

One is the Boldado restaurant which is located in the magical beach of Cala d’ Hort in the south of the island. In this setting , with a more nautical decor, peix bullit with rice is a specialty and is simply spectacular . In addition, you can also enjoy the beautiful environment , as the restaurant overlooks the islet of Es Vedra .

Another great option is to travel to the north of the island, to the Port of Sant Miquel. There you will find the Port Balansat restaurant which is a well-known fish restaurant that serves traditional dishes. Located by the sea , you can also enjoy the bullit de peix with rice on the terrace. In fact , this dish is their most famous specialty. They have their own fishing boat and always offer a great variety of fresh produce.

If you prefer to stay in the south of the island another possibility is Tropicana Beach Club, in the exclusive Cala Jondal beach. Great atmosphere and an excellent bullit de peix with rice, enjoy on the beach in a facility and afterwards why not relax in one of their sun loungers . Very fresh fish and experts in this cuisine with magnificent views and an elegant but relaxed atmosphere .

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