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Ibiza semana santa

As the anthropologists say, by studying a country´s religion, you get a better understanding of its culture. So what do men in pointed purple hoods marching to the dramatic banging of the drums through the streets of Ibiza old town make of the Spanish culture during “semana santa”, the Easter week?

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Discover Ibiza´s fantastic natural environment while working out your body or learning and practicing a new, fun activity. It´s time for some fun in the sun!
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Ibiza is fun for kids, if you know where to go and which parts of the island to avoid. We have listed a few entertainment options for both kids and their parents.
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And here we are, almost without realizing it we are in March , Spring is well in the air and we are seeing the first glimmerings that summer is just around the corner

From our blog, we  would like to tempt you with thoughts of this summer which is quickly coming upon us ……..

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At this point I think we all know that in addition to its wonderful beaches, great atmosphere in the summer months , beautiful people,it’s wonderful Mediterranean cuisine ,and the best parties… Ibiza also has many other seductive proposals that is the “real”  Ibiza.  As is the case with the traditional island dances (ball pagés ) , today we bring to our blog what we believe to be a  clear demonstration of Ibiza’s popular culture and folklore.

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We are in summer in Ibiza, “the marinas” and the Yacht Clubs, are fully operational, as Ibiza is the perfect place to enjoy from the sea. We thought it would be interesting to bring you information from the three major ports that we have at our disposal on the island, Ibiza, San Antonio and Santa Eulalia.

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Without realizing we are in summer in Ibiza!. From the blog of, as you know, every week we suggest  tempting proposals so that you can get to know the island of Ibiza in all its greatness. Today I approached a sport  with many followers around the world, and that is a delight to practice not only in the summer months but throughout the year in Ibiza. We’re talking about Golf.

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