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Feeling at home in a place we are not used to is sometimes difficult, as each house has its own decoration and it’s the reflection of each person’s taste. The most important thing is to find the style that matches one’s personality and with which one can feel identified; since that makes it possible to call a given house home. In Ibiza you will find a great variety of houses, each one with its own style and character.

Discover here all the decoration options you have when choosing your holiday home in Ibiza.



Villas with a Mediterranean essence

It is likely that if you are looking for a house in Ibiza you have the Mediterranean aesthetics in mind, since they provide a casual, relaxed atmosphere which perfectly matches the Ibicencan landscape. Big windows that allow the light to penetrate and illuminate the inside of the property, rooms decorated in blue and ochre colours – typical in the Mediterranean area – and plainness in the choice of furniture are some of the characteristics of these houses.

Materials are also important and wood, stone and gypsum are the predominating ones. As for the floors, they tend to be rustic and made of materials such as terracotta. Wicker and wrought iron are recurring materials in ornamental elements that contribute to adding a natural atmosphere typical of the Mediterranean style. The outdoors are not overlooked at all, instead, there is harmony between the flora and the aforementioned rustic style, with trees and plants suitable for the area’s climate which turn the house into a unique place for spending a wonderful Ibicencan holiday.

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Avant-garde decoration

These villas are halfway between the modernity and the sophistication that the most demanding guests seek, providing an eclectic touch that contrasts with the Mediterranean landscapes in Ibiza. The essence of this style is based on plainness and neat surfaces that feature a blend of materials and geometric shapes. Small details in bright colours are often included in order to break such sobriety.

However, this style is not only appreciated in the construction and decoration elements, designer furniture and simple art works are the icing on the cake that consolidates the high-end look of these houses. But not only the aesthetics attracts attention, in addition, the properties incorporate the latest in technology and top-quality electrical appliances. This is the best option for luxury and modernity lovers.

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Ibicencan tradition

Ibiza is known as the white island and that is partly due to the peculiar houses of this colour that stand out in the hills. These houses are the alive tradition of the island and its rustic Ibicencan style is unique as it has been defining itself for centuries until the present time, when many modern houses try to imitate it.

They are usually built upon thick stone walls that isolate them form the harshness of the weather. The houses are lightly ornamented letting simplicity to prevail through the basic decorative elements. Moreover, they are normally completely whitewashed and, although a stone wall may be kept, the white colour predominates, providing brightness to the ensemble. Another characteristic of the traditional Ibicencan houses is the presence of wooden elements, such as roof beams, which are kept visible. A typical house of this kind is usually organized around the main room – the hall – from where most of the light comes in, since small windows are another peculiarity of the Ibicencan building style. If you wish to discover the simple beautifulness of the traditional yet updated Ibiza, this is undoubtedly your best option.


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Minimalism at home

As you can see, nowadays simplicity is the preferred option when decorating a house and the baroque styles are being left behind for eclipsing the authentic beauty of simple shapes. Minimalism is the prevailing style that allow us to get the most out of the rooms. Simple lines, plain colour ranges and scarce ornaments are some of its features. It is a sober aesthetics though there is always place for a colourful nuance that might work as a counterpoint.

Likewise the avant-garde style, cutting-edge technology and design are an essential aspect in these houses. You will be able to control the different appliances without lifting a finger as most houses are equipped with the latest in home automation systems. This is the ideal option for those looking for wide spaces with the minimal equipment to comfortably enjoy oneself without any stress.

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