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Ibiza is undoubtedly one of the best places on earth to enjoy a tremendous range of restaurants offering different styles from all over the world. And in recent years some of the most renowned chefs in Spain have chosen Ibiza to be their new home and base to celebrate their art. 
Here are five of the most exclusive and innovative restaurants the island has to offer a luxury, which you can only indulge in in Ibiza:


Heart Ibiza by the Adria brothers
The latest culinary spectacle has arrived to Ibiza just at the beginning of the 2015 and provided the talk of the town for most of the season. Spain´s most famous chefs, Ferran and Albert Adria, known for their visionary kitchen at the legendary El Bulli restaurant, have teamed up with the Cirque De Soleil acrobats. The culinary experience takes place in the five-star Ibiza Gran hotel and hosts a vanguard cuisine which seeks comparison. While you are dining the Cirque du Soleil artists perform at or rather above your table.

The restaurant offers three areas. “Baraka” is an open terrace, where genius street artists attract the crowd, while you are tempted to all different kinds of tastes around the world offered at various stands. Then there is “The Workshop”, where guests indulge in new creations surrounded by art projections. And finally “La Boîte”, the main room which focuses on live music and artistic performances accompanied by a gourmet service. Heart is a unique experience, which certainly is another landmark set by the Adria brothers.

Restaurante Can Domo by Pau Barba
Pau Barba, the guy who was the responsable chef behind the fame of the dishes served at Lío when they started out, has decided to create a new brand under his own name at the peacefully located agrotourism Can Domo tucked away in the Cala Llonga hills. And it is in this rather idyllic ambience where Pau Barba has developed an honest cooking style full of personality and with great love of detail. The menu varies continuously and offers a fusion of down to earth Ibizan products with an explosion of different tastes from other cultures.


Sublimotion by Paco Roncero
In a capsule of not more than 70m2 two star chef Paco Roncero unfolds his magic along with his team of illusionists. This is the base for Sublimotion, a small and very exclusive restaurant inside the Hard Rock Hotel, which proudly advertises its new spectacle as unique worldwide. Around a visual and sensory spectacle Roncero elaborates a different menu of 20 courses for each night, which is designed to stimulate all senses. However, this spectacle is literally exclusive and admits no more than twelve guests per night with a price per head of 1.900 Euros.


Vi Cool Ibiza by Sergi Arola
The five star hotel Aguas de Ibiza in Santa Eulalia hosts one of the master chefs of light, modern Mediterranean cuisine. Sergi Arola has already built himself a reputation with his Vi Cool brand, which has its home in Madrid and in the meantime has conquered half of the world. Vi Cool offers an informal, yet inspiring ambience, where you can sit together with friends and enjoy a new era of a traditional tapas with a modern and progressive approach. Certainly a high end culinary proposal, which is thankfully offered at moderate prices.

Foto courtesy of  Come Ibiza

Lips Reartes by David Reartes
Halfway along the famous Playa d’en Bossa strip and situated right on the beach you find the Lips Reartes restaurant, one of the finest culinary approaches of that area. David Reartes, who gave name to this place and has had a triumph with one of the most original concepts of the island. In a rather beachy and informal, yet elegant ambience you can watch the chefs controlling the fires, while you are tasting organic products from the chef´s own garden mastered into vanguard creations. In another zone inside the restaurant, the “bodeguita” David has invented some great tapas combinations, which are a feast for the senses.

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