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Last month our blog was about traditional Ibizan cuisine and today we will bring to you four restaurants of Ibiza which are perfect for enjoying all those wonderful authentic Ibizan dishes.

Let us start with the north of the island, near San Lorenzo village (Sant Llorenç de Balàfia ) with a “Es Pins” restaurant. It’s a  simple, no frills kind of place where you can enjoy a vast range of more authentic dishes ( ” crostes ” salad, “matanzas” rice , fried octopus,  sofrit pagès, ossos amb col, guisat de peix, etc…). And to top it off, it has very attractive prices with home-made bread made on site.

Telephone bookings , +34 971 325 034 .

We continue in the north of Ibiza, on the road to Sant Joan , just before the turn off to San Carlos, another fabulous traditional proposal, Ca Na Pepeta restaurant. In an old country home it offers many dishes which are hard to find. Ibiza on the plate! And like in the previous case, it’s very good value.

Telephone bookings , +34 971 325 023 .

The third of the suggestions to enjoy authentic traditional Ibizan cuisine can be found in the city of Ibiza,  Vara de Rey promenade, Ca n’Alfredo restaurant. A restaurant offering high quality and refined Ibizan food, made with the best ingredients . A benchmark of Ibiza cuisine . A most to try is their, “squid Ibizan style, or baked San Pedro fish, paella “a ciego” great for those who do not like to shell the sea food… Fantastic ! .

Telephone bookings , +34 971 311 274 .

And the fourth of our suggestions is in the town of San Antonio, we refer to the restaurant Es Rebost de Can Prats . Another fantastic proposal for great authentic cuisine on the island. It’s also run by an Ibizan family, as in the previous cases.. And it shows! .

Telephone bookings , +34 971 346 252 .

Gastronomically speaking , Ibiza is a treasure , and a world to discover ! .

Enjoy your meal! Or as we say in Ibiza “Bon Profit”



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