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While many beaches in Ibiza include all services and are located in urban areas, there are still many other natural coves where you can enjoy nature at its best. This is the case in Cala d’en Serra beach, Aguas Blancas (White waters) and Sòl d’en Serra, the three places that we have selected in this small guide.

The first one, Cala d’en Serra, is a small beach with white sand and clear water located in the north of Ibiza, beyond Portinatx. It has another small deserted little beach next to it which can be reached by swimming. The cove is very quiet and has some huts and a slipway ideal for snorkeling. It is away from the main tourist beaches and has just a few loungers and umbrellas,it also has a simple bar where you can enjoy sandwiches and burgers. The landscape is totally Mediterranean, with mainly pine trees and is disrupted only by the presence of an unfinished building just above the creek.


Aguas Blancas or White waters, as it is known in Ibiza, is also a paradise beach located in the north of the island, in Sant Carles. Because of the position of the sun, you have to go in the morning as in the afternoon,, with a cliff behind , it is mostly in shad. It is a quiet and very beautiful beach with transparent and very clear water and a rocky landscape with very lush pines. It is officially declared a nudist beach and it you can also said that the clay there is good for the skin. It is ideal to visit in the morning, even to see the sunrise, which is amazing from this point of the island. It has a steep ramp, so it may be advisable for persons with disabilities.


Finally we recommend that you visit Sol d’en Serra, also in the north of the island, in the town of Santa Eulalia. This beach is almost always virtually empty, even in midsummer, and the only sign of civilization is a restaurant and beach club called Amante  on the descent to the beach.

The cove itself has boulders and is often covered by Posidonia residues that make a soft placement for your towel. It is in a corner with  breathtaking landscape and is also recommended to take a walk on the top of the beach to see the cliffs. It has clear water, but it is difficult to enter the sea as it has stones therefore you should wear shoes. The restaurant and beach club offer luxury beds and umbrellas and an upscale menu.


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